I am sharing some of my personal tips, please note I am not promoting certain brands or supermarkets, this blog does not replace checking the individual food labels but should hopefully point you in the right direction!

Always speak to the child’s parents and I am sure they would be more than happy to help explain exactly what their child is allergic to and if necessary they can bring in some food for their child.

In children the commonest food allergens are milk, soya, wheat, gluten (Coeliac Disease), eggs and nuts.

In the most part, you do not need to spend lots of money buying food from the ‘free from’ section in the supermarket.

Here are a selection of party friendly foods I have recently found on the supermarket shelves:

Popcorn! (this packet is free from all the main allergens)

Crisps! (this packet is free from all the main allergens) – Generally ready salted or salt and vinegar flavours are a safe bet but always check the label.

Breadsticks! – CONTAIN GLUTEN (and may not be suitable for those allergic to soya or sesame) but are free from milk, eggs and nuts. Every brand is different so always check the label.

Houmous! – Free from all the main allergens (Contains Sesame). Great to have with vegetable sticks, crisps or bread sticks!

Fruit! – Dried fruit, fresh fruit, frozen fruit – all are free from the main allergens.

Biscuits – CONTAIN GLUTEN & SOYA – This packet is free from milk, eggs and nuts. Every packet is different but there are free from options available on the standard shelves.