We often have a glut of courgettes from our vegetable patch, and so over the years I have learnt to be a bit creative with how to include them in our family meals.

Today I have roasted off some courgette with aubergine, tomatoes, peppers and onion. All I add is a small amount of olive / vegetable oil, balsamic vinegar and a sprinkle of seasoning. The whole dish goes into the oven at around 180 C for at least an hour, longer if you like your vegetables tender.

These roasted vegetables are visually appealing, nutritionally an excellent example of ‘eating a rainbow’ and taste great too!
You can use them as an accompaniment to a main meal or combine them with other ingredients.

I often cook off a large tray and then they can accompany more than one meal in a week or you can freeze a portion for another day.

Today I have made a pasta bake with my roasted vegetables, some roasted chicken, green pesto and some wholewheat pasta.

If you have plenty of time you could then put this back in the oven with some grated cheese to crisp up but I ran out of time for that step today!