For Schools, Pre-Schools and Nurseries

i) The School Food Plan
– Does your school need support in creating a ‘culture and ethos of healthy eating’?
– Are you familiar with the School Food Standards?
– Can your pupils create a minimum of 5 savoury dishes?
– Did you know these are all a requirement for OFSTED?

We can help! Our Dietitians are experienced in working with schools. We can come and meet with you, talk you through the standards, spend time in your school and provide guidance on any improvements that could be made.


ii) Healthy Eating Education for Pupils, Staff and Parents
All our education sessions are written to meet your individual needs. Here are some examples of sessions we have delivered to date:
– Breakfast, a great start to the day
– Eating for learning
– Understanding Food Labels
– Healthy meal and snack choices
– Cooking and meal planning practical sessions

iii) Allergy Awareness
Do you understand allergy labelling?
Do you know which allergens need to be labelled by law?
Would you like to support children with allergies to eat alongside their peers?


Education For Workplaces

Would you like to create a healthier workforce, to increase productivity and reduce days lost to sickness? The BDA’s Work Ready Programme is here to help!

The White Paper; BDA Work Ready Programme, Supporting healthier working lives through dietitian-led wellness initiatives was released in October 2015. The BDA review looks at three key clinical conditions in the UK workforce – overweight / obesity, musculoskeletal conditions and mood disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Some specific insights:

“Up to 10% sick leave and higher levels of productivity loss at work may be attributed to lifestyle behaviours and obesity”

“Workplace health interventions may improve productivity by 1-2% which is likely to be more than offset the costs of implementing interventions. Employees that are obese take an average of four extra days sick per year and in a company employing 1000 people, this could mean a loss of more than £126,000 a year in lost productivity”

Our BDA Work Ready Accredited Dietitian can come into your place of work and complete a needs assessment. We can provide guidance on how to adapt your work environment to promote healthy eating and healthy lifestyle choices. We can provide individual advice to employers and employees, including those with long term medical conditions. We can provide specific interventions including group education, provide written literature, drop in services, telephone/online support etc.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or if you would like a copy of the White Paper to read.


Education for Health Professionals

We are experts in Nutrition and Dietetics. We can support your GP practice directly by providing a telephone support service or a clinic in your practice.

We can provide education sessions for GPs, practice staff, health visitors, hospital doctors, dentists etc. All our sessions are written just for you. You come up with the questions and we will provide the answers.

– Would you like to know more about supporting pregnant and breastfeeding mothers?

– Are you familiar with how to diagnose cow’s milk protein allergy in infants?

– Would you like up to date information on standard and specialist infant formulas?

– Would you like to reduce your prescribing costs?

We can assess and monitor patients who are on specialist infant formulas or oral nutritional supplements or those with gluten free food on prescription.