Pancakes are a big hit in our households, have you ever thought about how to store your pancake day ingredients to keep them fresh?

Storing our food products correctly helps maintain both the flavour and nutritional value. It also ensures they are safe to eat. Here are our top tips for storing you pancake ingredients correctly so they taste even more amazing.


  • Check for the British Lion Mark
  • Check the Best Before Date
  • Store eggs in their cardboard boxes, this helps keep the odours from other foods out. Egg shells are porous!!
  • Store below 20°C
  • Remove them from the fridge half an hour before using them. It helps the egg bind the products better
  • Store away from raw meat
  • Wash your hands after handling eggs


  • Store in an airtight container or in its original packaging
  • Store in a cool place
  • Don’t mix old and new flour together in the storage container
  • Wholemeal flour has a shorter shelf life due to the germ and bran becoming rancid with age
  • Flour must always be kept dry
  • The flour weevil thrives in dark, humid warm places
  • Use by the date on the packaging


  • Fresh animal milk should be stored in the fridge on the top or middle shelf
  • Milk should not be stored in the door
  • Milk should be stored at 4°C or below
  • Milk alternatives can be stored in a cupboard but once opened move to the fridge. Most keep for 5 days when stored in the original carton