We are happy to travel and see you in your own home (travel costs apply). We find this is a particularly useful service for patients with limited mobility. It also gives us a greater insight into your home environment, your cooking facilities, storage space etc. which can enable us to give more a personal dietetic plan.

What to expect? – Initial Appointment

We will spend a large proportion of the consultation getting to know you, understanding your medical and dietetic concerns and finding out about treatment you have previously tried. We will ask questions about your medical history, we will want to know if you are on any regular medication, we may ask about your social circumstances and we will talk to you about your current diet. We will ask about your normal day and how food fits into your routine. We will take weight and height measurements, calculate BMIs and plot these on growth charts for children. Alternative measurements may be taken depending on your clinical condition and mobility, these will be discussed with you on an individual basis.

We will then make a clinical assessment and provide personal dietary advice. You will usually be given written information at the appointment to reinforce any advice given. Following the consultation a short report will be written and we are happy to send copies of this to relevant health professionals and schools / nurseries / workplaces at your request.

A detailed nutritional analysis and more complex report is available at an extra charge.

Review Appointment

Reviews appointments are usually slightly shorter, we recommend a minimum of 30 minutes. We will review your progress since our last appointment. We will talk to you about any changes you have made and whether this has made any difference to your symptoms / medical condition. We would normally repeat any measurements taken at the initial appointment.